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No matter how your industry is making use of chemical products, approximately eight hundred corporations turn to the Chemical Safety Data Sheets furnished by Lisam Systems to structure and control any complying issues.

When you might be seeking Chemical Safety Data Sheets to take care of your EHS records and establish total agreement with GHS benchmarks, Lisam Systems could satisfy your expectations.

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Lisam Systems' flagship ExESS® application produces Chemical Safety Data Sheets to build and distribute GHS-conforming labeling and SDS in around fifty vocabularies. And there's these benefits:

  • Successful Technology - As a result of employing Microsoft.NET technology, ExESS® works with Microsoft Office and gives surprisingly adaptable and economical Chemical Safety Data Sheets!
  • Proficient Chemical Administration - Picture being in a position to take care of hazard correspondence, substance details, volume tracing, stock, and more through a single computer package. Lisam Systems' proprietary, all-in-one app allows you to obtain and control regulated conformance and chemical data effortlessly!
  • Not Merely Chemical Safety Data Sheets - ExESS® is run by our GHS electronic engine which adheres to compliance guidelines for all of the primary business markets. Consequently, you could generate conformant documentation for multi-national guidelines including GHS, CLP and REACH!

In addition to such incredible advantages, you will find more like handling office security data and assimilation with alternative content producers. Regardless of what your trade may be, Lisam Systems is equipped to deliver the Chemical Safety Data Sheets you need!

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