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No matter how your niche market is using chemical products, greater than 800 corporations turn to the Chemical Safety Data Sheets delivered by Lisam Systems to plan and deal with their compliance challenges.

Whenever you find yourself looking for Chemical Safety Data Sheets to control your EHS documentation and secure complete agreement with GHS standards, Lisam Systems could fulfill your needs.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' flagship ExESS® software produces Chemical Safety Data Sheets to formulate and release GHS-compliant tags and SDS in nearly fifty languages. And there is more:

  • Established Technology - Because of utilizing Microsoft.NET platform, ExESS® integrates with Microsoft Office and gives remarkably adaptable and economical Chemical Safety Data Sheets!
  • Efficient Chemical Operations - Consider having the ability to manage risk information, substance data, size tracking, stock, and more through a single computer package. Lisam Systems' proprietary, all-purpose software will let you view and control regulatory conformance and chemical facts with ease!
  • Not Just Chemical Safety Data Sheets - ExESS® is driven from our GHS automated technology that employs compliance requirements for all the primary business groups. Consequently, you could produce conformant records for global polices like GLS, REACH, and CLP!

In addition to these incredible advantages, you will find more like managing office security information and integration with third party written material suppliers. Whatever your niche might be, Lisam Systems is prepared to provide the Chemical Safety Data Sheets you need!

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