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No matter how your niche market is using chemical products, approximately eight hundred businesses believe in the Chemical Safety Data Sheets delivered by Lisam Systems to strategize and control their complying matters.

Whenever you might be in need of Chemical Safety Data Sheets to manage your EHS documentation and secure full agreement with GHS specifications, Lisam Systems can achieve your requirements.

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Lisam Systems' proprietary ExESS® software application provides Chemical Safety Data Sheets to formulate and release GHS-complying labeling and SDS in nearly 50 languages. And you will discover the following:

  • Tried and Tested Design - By making use of Microsoft.NET framework, ExESS® works with MS Office and offers amazingly flexible and affordable Chemical Safety Data Sheets!
  • Effective Chemical Management - Think about having the power to oversee risk communications, substance details, mass checking, stock, and more with one piece of software. Lisam Systems' proprietary, multi-purpose app helps you to view and handle administrative conformance and chemical details conveniently!
  • Not Just Chemical Safety Data Sheets - ExESS® is run from our GHS electronic software that tracks conformance criteria for all of the major commercial industries. Consequently, you are able to create conformant documentation for international regulations including REACH, CLP and GHS\REACH, GHS, and CLP!

In addition to these extraordinary advantages, there are more including handling work site security data and compatibility with 3rd party written material suppliers. Whatever your trade may be, Lisam Systems is ready to deliver the Chemical Safety Data Sheets you require!

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