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Regardless of the way your company is using chemical by-products, more than 800 corporations rely on the Chemical Safety delivered by Lisam Systems to strategize and handle their conformance issues.

When you are searching for Chemical Safety to deal with your EHS records and establish thorough adherence to GHS specifications, Lisam Systems will achieve your goals.

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Lisam Systems' proprietary ExESS® software application provides Chemical Safety to build and share GHS-complying tags and SDS in around 50 languages. Plus you will discover the following:

  • Reliable Engineering - As a result of employing Microsoft.NET platform, ExESS® is compatible with Microsoft Office and delivers incredibly versatile and inexpensive Chemical Safety!
  • Effective Chemical Supervision - Consider being able to manage risk communication, product details, volume checking, products, and more from a single computer package. Lisam Systems' proprietary, multi-purpose software program enables you to obtain and take care of statutory conformance and chemical data conveniently!
  • Not Just Chemical Safety - ExESS® is run from our GHS automated program that adheres to conformance standards for all of the principal commercial industries. Consequently, you can generate complying paperwork for global polices like GLS, REACH, and CLP!

Apart from these amazing aspects, you will discover more such as dealing with office security information and integration with alternative written material providers. Regardless of what your industry might be, Lisam Systems is ready to offer the Chemical Safety you require!

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