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Regardless of the way your niche market is using chemical products, over eight hundred corporations rely on the Chemical Safety offered by Lisam Systems to plan and deal with any complying issues.

When you might be looking for Chemical Safety to take care of your EHS paperwork and establish thorough adherence to GHS guidelines, Lisam Systems will fulfill your expectations.

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Lisam Systems' trademarked ExESS® software produces Chemical Safety to construct and share GHS-complying labels and SDS in around 50 vocabularies. Plus you will discover more:

  • Reliable Design - As a result of employing Microsoft.NET standards, ExESS® integrates with Microsoft Office and offers surprisingly adaptable and cost-effective Chemical Safety!
  • Efficient Chemical Operations - Think about being in a position to oversee hazard information, material information, mass tracking, stock, plus more through a single piece of software. Lisam Systems' proprietary, all-purpose software program helps you to view and manage statutory guidelines and chemical details conveniently!
  • More Than Just Chemical Safety - ExESS® is run from our GHS automated program that adheres to standards guidelines for all of the major corporate sectors. Therefore, you are able to produce conforming documents for international rules such as GHS, CLP and REACH!

In addition to such amazing features, you will find more like dealing with workplace safety information and integration with 3rd party content producers. Whatever your niche may be, Lisam Systems is equipped to provide the Chemical Safety you need!

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