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Regardless of the way your industry is using chemical items, more than eight hundred businesses rely on the EHS Compliance provided by Lisam Systems to strategize and manage their compliance challenges.

Whenever you might be in search of EHS Compliance to handle your EHS documents and establish thorough compliance with GHS criteria, Lisam Systems could satisfy your requirements.

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Lisam Systems' copyrighted ExESS® computer program produces EHS Compliance to develop and share GHS-compliant labeling and SDS in roughly 50 vocabularies. And you will discover more:

  • Well-tried Engineering - As a result of using Microsoft.NET framework, ExESS® integrates with MS Office and features amazingly flexible and within budget EHS Compliance!
  • Effective Chemical Supervision - Visualize being able to handle risk information, substance details, volume tracking, stock, plus more with a single software package. Lisam Systems' unique, multi-purpose application will let you gain access to and deal with regulatory standards and chemical information effortlessly!
  • Not Just EHS Compliance - ExESS® is driven from our GHS database software which adheres to compliance guidelines for all the main business sectors. Therefore, you are able to create complying documentation for worldwide polices such as CLP, GHS and REACH!

Apart from such remarkable benefits, you will find more such as dealing with office security data and integration with other written material producers. Whatever your field might be, Lisam Systems is qualified to provide the EHS Compliance you want!

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