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However your industry is making use of chemical by-products, more than eight hundred clients trust the EHS Compliance offered by Lisam Systems to structure and handle their complying matters.

If you are trying to find EHS Compliance to handle your EHS documentation and secure full compliance with GHS guidelines, Lisam Systems will fulfill your requirements.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' flagship ExESS® application provides EHS Compliance to develop and disperse GHS-conformant tags and SDS in nearly 50 dialects. Plus you will discover the following:

  • Dependable Technology - Because of employing Microsoft.NET framework, ExESS® works with Microsoft Office and offers amazingly versatile and cost-effective EHS Compliance!
  • Productive Chemical Management - Think about being able to deal with risk correspondence, product information, volume monitoring, products, plus more from one computer package. Lisam Systems' singular, multi-purpose software package helps you to gain access to and manage administrative guidelines and chemical information easily!
  • Not Just EHS Compliance - ExESS® is powered by our GHS automation engine that follows conformity criteria for all the main commercial markets. As a result, you could produce conformant records for multi-national regulations including REACH, CLP and GHS\REACH, GHS, and CLP!

In addition to such remarkable advantages, you will discover more including handling office security material and integration with alternative written material producers. Whatever your industry might be, Lisam Systems is equipped to furnish the EHS Compliance you require!

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