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No matter how your corporation is working with chemical by-products, over eight hundred accounts believe in the EHS Programs provided by Lisam Systems to think about and manage any compliance issues.

Whenever you are trying to find EHS Programs to handle your EHS documents and establish full compliance with GHS criteria, Lisam Systems will satisfy your goals.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' copyrighted ExESS® computer program produces EHS Programs to construct and share GHS-complying tags and SDS in roughly fifty vocabularies. And there is the following:

  • Tried and Tested Design - Because of making use of Microsoft.NET standards, ExESS® integrates with MS Office and features incredibly flexible and cost-effective EHS Programs!
  • Effective Chemical Operations - Consider having the option to take care of hazard correspondence, substance information, mass tracking, products, plus more through one computer package. Lisam Systems' unique, multi-purpose application lets you access and handle regulated guidelines and chemical facts easily!
  • Not Only EHS Programs - ExESS® is powered by our GHS automation engine that adheres to standards benchmarks for all of the principal commercial fields. Consequently, you could produce conformant documentation for global guidelines including CLP, GHS and REACH!

Apart from these incredible benefits, one can find more like dealing with workplace safety information and compatibility with alternative written material producers. No matter what your industry may be, Lisam Systems is prepared to offer the EHS Programs you need!

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