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No matter how your corporation is working with chemical by-products, over eight hundred companies rely on the EHS Software offered by Lisam Systems to structure and take care of any complying concerns.

When you are seeking EHS Software to take care of your EHS documents and make sure of thorough adherence to GHS standards, Lisam Systems can achieve your requirements.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' proprietary ExESS® software application furnishes EHS Software to create and distribute GHS-compliant labeling and SDS in roughly 50 dialects. Plus you will discover more:

  • Dependable Engineering - By making use of Microsoft.NET technology, ExESS® works with MS Office and delivers surprisingly flexible and cost-effective EHS Software!
  • Efficient Chemical Supervision - Picture being able to handle risk communications, substance details, volume monitoring, stock, and more with a single software package. Lisam Systems' proprietary, all-purpose software lets you obtain and manage regulated guidelines and chemical data easily!
  • Not Just EHS Software - ExESS® is driven from our GHS automated technology which adheres to compliance standards for all the major business sectors. Consequently, you are able to yield compliant documentation for global rules including GLS, REACH, and CLP!

In addition to such extraordinary benefits, you will discover more such as managing workplace security material and assimilation with third party written material suppliers. Whatever your industry may be, Lisam Systems is qualified to deliver the EHS Software you must have!

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