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No matter how your industry is working with chemical by-products, over eight hundred accounts believe in the EHS Solutions delivered by Lisam Systems to structure and deal with their complying matters.

Whenever you might be seeking EHS Solutions to manage your EHS documentation and ensure full agreement with GHS standards, Lisam Systems will fulfill your needs.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' trademarked ExESS® software furnishes EHS Solutions to create and share GHS-compliant labels and SDS in around 50 languages. Plus you will discover the following:

  • Established Design - Because of using Microsoft.NET platform, ExESS® integrates with MS Office and delivers amazingly flexible and cost-effective EHS Solutions!
  • Efficient Chemical Management - Picture having the ability to control hazard information, substance details, quantity tracing, stock, plus more from one computer package. Lisam Systems' unique, all-purpose software package will let you gain access to and take care of regulatory conformance and chemical information easily!
  • Not Only EHS Solutions - ExESS® is powered by our GHS automation engine which follows conformance benchmarks for all of the major commercial groups. As a result, you can yield complying records for worldwide rules such as REACH, CLP and GHS\REACH, GHS, and CLP!

Along with these incredible benefits, you will discover more such as handling workplace security information and compatibility with third party written material suppliers. Regardless of what your field might be, Lisam Systems is prepared to offer the EHS Solutions you must have!

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