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No matter how your niche market is working with chemical by-products, greater than 800 businesses believe in the EHS Solutions furnished by Lisam Systems to think about and manage their conformance issues.

If you might be trying to find EHS Solutions to deal with your EHS documentation and establish thorough adherence to GHS guidelines, Lisam Systems will fulfill your needs.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' copyrighted ExESS® software application produces EHS Solutions to develop and disperse GHS-complying labeling and SDS in about fifty dialects. And there is the following:

  • Dependable Technology - Because of employing Microsoft.NET platform, ExESS® integrates with MS Office and offers remarkably adaptive and inexpensive EHS Solutions!
  • Efficient Chemical Operations - Picture having the power to control risk information, substance information, volume tracing, stock, plus more with one software package. Lisam Systems' unique, all-in-one software helps you to access and handle regulatory guidelines and chemical information easily!
  • More Than Just EHS Solutions - ExESS® is driven by our GHS database program which tracks conformity standards for all the major commercial markets. As a result, you are able to create complying documents for international polices like CLP, GHS and REACH!

Along with such remarkable features, there are more such as handling work site security data and compatibility with third party written material suppliers. Regardless of what your field might be, Lisam Systems is equipped to deliver the EHS Solutions you must have!

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