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No matter how your company is using chemical items, approximately eight hundred clients depend on the EHS System provided by Lisam Systems to structure and deal with their complying concerns.

Whenever you are looking for EHS System to manage your EHS documentation and ensure full adherence to GHS benchmarks, Lisam Systems could meet your goals.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' flagship ExESS® application delivers EHS System to construct and share GHS-conforming tags and SDS in nearly 50 languages. Plus you will discover the following:

  • Well-tried Technology - As a result of using Microsoft.NET standards, ExESS® is compatible with MS Office and features surprisingly flexible and inexpensive EHS System!
  • Effective Chemical Management - Picture having the option to take care of risk communications, product data, volume checking, products, and more from one computer package. Lisam Systems' proprietary, multi-purpose app helps you to gain access to and handle regulatory standards and chemical data effortlessly!
  • Not Merely EHS System - ExESS® is run by our GHS electronic engine which employs standards criteria for all the principal commercial sectors. As a result, you can generate conforming records for global rules like REACH, CLP and GHS\REACH, GHS, and CLP!

Together with these remarkable benefits, one can find more such as managing work site safety material and compatibility with 3rd party content producers. Whatever your business may be, Lisam Systems is equipped to give the EHS System you want!

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