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Regardless of the way your niche market is working with chemical products, more than 800 corporations depend on the EHS offered by Lisam Systems to plan and manage any compliance concerns.

When you find yourself seeking EHS to control your EHS paperwork and establish complete agreement with GHS benchmarks, Lisam Systems will meet your goals.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' trademarked ExESS® software produces EHS to create and release GHS-conformant labels and SDS in close to 50 languages. And there's the following:

  • Dependable Technology - Because of utilizing Microsoft.NET framework, ExESS® works with Microsoft Office and provides surprisingly flexible and affordable EHS!
  • Effective Chemical Management - Visualize having the power to handle hazard correspondence, substance information, volume tracking, products, plus more from one computer package. Lisam Systems' unique, all-purpose software helps you to obtain and deal with regulated compliance and chemical details conveniently!
  • Not Just EHS - ExESS® is driven by our GHS database technology that tracks conformance requirements for all of the major business markets. Therefore, you are able to produce conforming paperwork for worldwide rules such as CLP, REACH and GHS!

Apart from these amazing features, you will discover more including dealing with work site security material and compatibility with alternative content providers. No matter what your field may be, Lisam Systems is prepared to deliver the EHS you must have!

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