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No matter how your niche market is making use of chemical items, over 800 clients believe in the Environmental Health furnished by Lisam Systems to structure and control any complying challenges.

If you might be in search of Environmental Health to deal with your EHS records and establish complete compliance with GHS specifications, Lisam Systems can satisfy your expectations.

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Lisam Systems' proprietary ExESS® software produces Environmental Health to construct and disperse GHS-conforming tags and SDS in about fifty vocabularies. Plus there is these benefits:

  • Well-tried Design - Because of using Microsoft.NET framework, ExESS® is compatible with Microsoft Office and offers surprisingly adaptable and affordable Environmental Health!
  • Productive Chemical Administration - Visualize having the ability to control hazard communications, product details, mass tracking, products, plus more from one computer package. Lisam Systems' unique, all-purpose application enables you to obtain and deal with regulatory compliance and chemical data conveniently!
  • Not Just Environmental Health - ExESS® is run from our GHS automated technology which employs conformity standards for all of the primary business fields. Consequently, you can create compliant records for worldwide polices including CLP, GHS and REACH!

Apart from such amazing aspects, you will discover more such as dealing with work site safety data and integration with other content suppliers. No matter what your business might be, Lisam Systems is ready to give the Environmental Health you must have!

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