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Regardless of the way your corporation is working with chemical by-products, approximately eight hundred businesses depend on the GHS provided by Lisam Systems to plan and control any conformance concerns.

Whenever you might be looking for GHS to take care of your EHS records and make sure of full agreement with GHS specifications, Lisam Systems could meet your requirements.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' trademarked ExESS® data application delivers GHS to formulate and release GHS-conforming tags and SDS in roughly 50 languages. And there is the following:

  • Well-tried Technology - As a result of employing Microsoft.NET technology, ExESS® is compatible with MS Office and offers remarkably versatile and inexpensive GHS!
  • Proficient Chemical Supervision - Picture having the ability to manage hazard correspondence, product data, quantity tracing, products, and more from one computer package. Lisam Systems' unique, all-purpose app helps you to access and control regulatory compliance and chemical details conveniently!
  • More Than Just GHS - ExESS® is driven by our GHS automated engine which tracks compliance standards for all the principal business markets. Therefore, you are able to generate conforming records for multi-national regulations including GHS, CLP and REACH!

Apart from such incredible aspects, there are more like handling workplace security information and assimilation with third party content providers. Whatever your business might be, Lisam Systems is prepared to furnish the GHS you must have!

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