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However your company is working with chemical items, approximately 800 clients believe in the GHS offered by Lisam Systems to strategize and handle their complying issues.

If you find yourself looking for GHS to manage your EHS documents and ensure thorough agreement with GHS criteria, Lisam Systems could meet your goals.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' trademarked ExESS® software provides GHS to create and share GHS-complying labels and SDS in nearly 50 languages. Plus there is more:

  • Dependable Technology - As a result of utilizing Microsoft.NET framework, ExESS® works with MS Office and features remarkably versatile and within budget GHS!
  • Productive Chemical Management - Imagine being in a position to take care of risk information, product information, volume tracking, inventory, and more from a single software package. Lisam Systems' proprietary, multi-purpose software program will let you access and control regulatory guidelines and chemical data conveniently!
  • Not Only GHS - ExESS® is driven from our GHS automation engine which adheres to compliance criteria for all the primary commercial industries. Consequently, you could generate complying documentation for global guidelines like CLP, GHS and REACH!

Together with such amazing benefits, one can find more including dealing with workplace safety data and compatibility with 3rd party content suppliers. No matter what your trade might be, Lisam Systems is qualified to give the GHS you need!

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