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A provider which furnishes SDS, MSDS, and EHS conformance services multinationally, Lisam Systems is widely recognized for being a reliable vendor of Material Safety Data Sheet Software ever since it was founded in 1999. Ever since that time, Lisam Systems has helped several organizations with Material Safety Data Sheet Software because of modern qualities like:

  • Easy-to-use, adaptable design built with the well-regarded Microsoft.Net platform!
  • An all-inclusive and active regulated data bank to take care of stock, substance data, and track volume throughout the life span of your commodity!
  • Conformant document creation for widespread regulations like CLP, GHS and REACH!
  • Continuous emphasis on originality, affordability, and instant results!

Lisam Systems has been dealing with the EHS challenges of chemical businesses, suppliers, and marketers worldwide with their outstanding Material Safety Data Sheet Software.

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Dealing with a number of business organizations and suppliers extensively, Lisam Systems continues to be efficient at making proprietary, industry-directed Material Safety Data Sheet Software.

Lisam Systems works industriously to support numerous distinct markets. Our Material Safety Data Sheet Software could be utilized in many different chemical product and chemical product-associated sectors.

Over 800 firms in various markets trust Lisam Systems' original computer program ExESS® to generate, deal with, and disperse conforming safety data sheets and labeling. Our systems are created with all primary commercial sectors considered and are found in 50 vocabularies!

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