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A provider that delivers MSDS, SDS and EHS complying products multinationally, Lisam Systems is widely recognized as a responsible source of Material Safety Data Sheets since its founding in 1999. Ever since then, Lisam Systems has supported many firms with Material Safety Data Sheets due to modern components including:

  • User-friendly, customizable design employing the well-known Microsoft.Net framework!
  • An extensive and advanced administrative data bank to deal with stock, substance data, and monitor volume during the life span of your product!
  • Compliant certificate creation for widespread rules such as CLP, REACH and GHS!
  • Ongoing emphasis on originality, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems has been dealing with the EHS concerns faced by chemical companies, dealers, and associates worldwide making use of their exceptional Material Safety Data Sheets.

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Having experience with a wide range of business associations and vendors extensively, Lisam Systems is effective at creating proprietary, niche-centered Material Safety Data Sheets.

Lisam Systems works industriously to support several specific markets. Our Material Safety Data Sheets can be employed in various chemical commodities and chemical product-associated markets.

More than 800 businesses in many niche markets rely on Lisam Systems' exclusive data application ExESS® to produce, handle, and distribute compliant SDS and tags. Our solutions are formulated with all main business areas considered and are offered in 50 languages!

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