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A company which furnishes EHS, SDS, and MSDS compliance solutions internationally, Lisam Systems is widely recognized as a reliable provider of MSDS Database since its founding in 1999. Since then, Lisam Systems has supported various businesses with MSDS Database due to advanced components including:

  • User-friendly, flexible design employing the famous Microsoft.Net framework!
  • A detailed and up-to-date regulatory data bank to handle inventory, component data, and track mass throughout the life of your goods!
  • Conforming document generation for common regulations such as CLP, REACH and GHS!
  • Ongoing emphasis on creativity, affordability, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems has been resolving the EHS issues of chemical merchants, suppliers, and distributors globally with their excellent MSDS Database.

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Working with a number of business groups and distributors year after year, Lisam Systems is skilled at making proprietary, sector-focused MSDS Database.

Lisam Systems works hard to help many particular markets. Our MSDS Database can be used in various chemical product and chemical product-related fields.

Over 800 companies in many industries rely on Lisam Systems' unique software application ExESS® to create, take care of, and deliver conforming safety data sheets and labels. Our solutions have been created with all large commercial markets kept in mind and are found in 50 vocabularies!

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