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A producer of SDS, MSDS, and EHS complying services internationally, Lisam Systems is widely known for being trusted dealer of MSDS On Line from the time it started in 1999. Since then, Lisam Systems has supported several businesses with MSDS On Line thanks to innovative qualities like:

  • Easy-to-use, customizable engineering using the famous Microsoft.Net software!
  • A comprehensive and advanced regulatory DB to take care of stock, material data, and track size through the life of your manufactured article!
  • Compliant record creation for common rules such as CLP, REACH and GHS!
  • Constant emphasis on originality, cost-effectiveness, and promptness!

Lisam Systems has been resolving the EHS concerns faced by chemical businesses, vendors, and distributors globally making use of their exceptional MSDS On Line.

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Dealing with several industry groups and vendors extensively, Lisam Systems has been effective at creating exclusive, market-focused MSDS On Line.

Lisam Systems works energetically to assist numerous particular sectors. Our MSDS On Line is able to be employed in various chemical commodities and chemical merchandise-associated sectors.

Over 800 businesses in many diverse sectors trust Lisam Systems' original data application ExESS® to produce, take care of, and distribute compliant SDS and labeling. Our systems have been formulated with all large corporate sectors in mind and are supplied in fifty vocabularies!

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