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A company which furnishes EHS, MSDS, and SDS complying systems worldwide, Lisam Systems is widely known for being a dependable provider of MSDS Programs ever since it was founded in 1999. Since that time, Lisam Systems has helped various corporations with MSDS Programs due to modern components like:

  • Simple, flexible engineering using the famous Microsoft.Net platform!
  • An all-inclusive and advanced regulated DB to take care of inventory, component data, and track size throughout the life span of your commodity!
  • Conforming document production for widespread guidelines including GHS, CLP and REACH!
  • Constant focus on innovation, affordability, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems is solving the EHS issues of chemical merchants, suppliers, and distributors worldwide making use of their top-quality MSDS Programs.

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Dealing with a wide range of enterprise associations and vendors extensively, Lisam Systems continues to be successful at developing exclusive, niche-directed MSDS Programs.

Lisam Systems works energetically to support several unique markets. Our MSDS Programs can be used in many different chemical merchandise and chemical product-associated industries.

800+ businesses in many markets rely on Lisam Systems' proprietary software application ExESS® to create, take care of, and deliver conforming SDS and labels. Our systems are formulated with almost every major corporate industries considered and are supplied in 50 vocabularies!

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