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A company of MSDS, SDS and EHS complying services worldwide, Lisam Systems is widely known for being a trustworthy source of MSDS Properties ever since it was founded in 1999. Ever since that time, Lisam Systems has helped several businesses with MSDS Properties as a result of cutting-edge benefits like:

  • User-friendly, adaptable engineering built with the widely known Microsoft.Net software!
  • A detailed and active regulatory database to manage stock, material specifics, and monitor size over the life cycle of your manufactured article!
  • Compliant record production for prevalent guidelines such as GHS, CLP and REACH!
  • Constant attention on innovation, affordability, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems is managing the EHS worries faced by chemical manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors worldwide using their outstanding MSDS Properties.

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Having experience with numerous industry organizations and distributors year after year, Lisam Systems is skilled at creating proprietary, sector-centered MSDS Properties.

Lisam Systems works industriously to support numerous distinct markets. Our MSDS Properties could be utilized in numerous chemical commodities and chemical commodity-connected industries.

More than 800 customers in many markets count on Lisam Systems' proprietary computer program ExESS® to produce, handle, and deliver conformant safety data sheets and tags. Our solutions have been created with most main business sectors kept in mind and are found in fifty vocabularies!

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