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A supplier which furnishes MSDS, EHS and SDS complying solutions globally, Lisam Systems is widely recognized for being an efficient vendor of MSDS Safety Sheets from the time it started in 1999. Ever since that time, Lisam Systems has helped many companies with MSDS Safety Sheets as a result of modern components such as:

  • Understandable, adjustable design employing the widely known Microsoft.Net platform!
  • An extensive and up-to-date administrative data bank to deal with stock, component data, and track mass through the life of your manufactured article!
  • Conformant certificate production for many rules including REACH, CLP and GHS!
  • Ongoing emphasis on creativity, cost-effectiveness, and expediency!

Lisam Systems is dealing with the EHS concerns of chemical companies, vendors, and associates worldwide using their top-quality MSDS Safety Sheets.

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Dealing with numerous business organizations and suppliers over the years, Lisam Systems is successful at developing proprietary, industry-directed MSDS Safety Sheets.

Lisam Systems works industriously to help many unique markets. Our MSDS Safety Sheets can be used in numerous chemical commodities and chemical product-connected industries.

800+ firms in many industries depend on Lisam Systems' proprietary computer program ExESS® to make, manage, and distribute conformant SDS and labels. Our systems have been created with almost every main commercial markets kept in mind and are supplied in fifty vocabularies!

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