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A company which furnishes EHS, SDS, and MSDS compliance products internationally, Lisam Systems has been best-known for being a dependable provider of MSDS Safety Sheets since it began in 1999. Ever since that time, Lisam Systems has helped many corporations with MSDS Safety Sheets as a result of innovative benefits such as:

  • Understandable, adjustable technology built with the well-known Microsoft.Net platform!
  • A detailed and up-to-date administrative architecture to manage stock, substance data, and monitor size throughout the life of your product!
  • Compliant record generation for prevalent polices such as GLS, REACH, and CLP!
  • Constant emphasis on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems is handling the EHS concerns faced by chemical manufacturers, dealers, and distributors worldwide with their top-quality MSDS Safety Sheets.

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Having experience with a number of business associations and vendors over the years, Lisam Systems has been efficient at developing unique, niche-directed MSDS Safety Sheets.

Lisam Systems works energetically to serve numerous particular markets. Our MSDS Safety Sheets could be employed in many different chemical product and chemical merchandise-connected fields.

800+ companies in many sectors count on Lisam Systems' unique software application ExESS® to develop, manage, and distribute conforming SDS and labeling. Our systems are made with all large corporate sectors in mind and are available in 50 languages!

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