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A company which furnishes MSDS, SDS and EHS conformance solutions all-inclusively, Lisam Systems has been widely known for being trusted vendor of MSDS Sheet from the time it started in 1999. Ever since that time, Lisam Systems has helped several corporations with MSDS Sheet as a result of cutting-edge features like:

  • Understandable, flexible technology making use of the well-known Microsoft.Net framework!
  • A detailed and advanced regulated database to handle inventory, component data, and monitor mass during the life of your goods!
  • Conforming document generation for many guidelines like REACH, CLP and GHS!
  • Constant attention on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and instant results!

Lisam Systems is managing the EHS worries faced by chemical merchants, suppliers, and associates globally using their top-quality MSDS Sheet.

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Dealing with numerous business associations and vendors year after year, Lisam Systems continues to be efficient at building exclusive, niche-directed MSDS Sheet.

Lisam Systems works energetically to serve numerous particular sectors. Our MSDS Sheet can be utilized in diverse chemical product and chemical product-connected industries.

More than 800 firms in many sectors depend on Lisam Systems' exclusive data application ExESS® to build, take care of, and disperse conformant SDS and labels. Our applications are formulated with almost every large commercial markets thought of and are supplied in 50 languages!

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