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A producer of SDS, MSDS, and EHS compliance solutions globally, Lisam Systems is widely recognized for being a dependable vendor of MSDS Software ever since it was founded in 1999. Since that time, Lisam Systems has supported numerous corporations with MSDS Software as a result of cutting-edge features such as:

  • User-friendly, adaptable technology using the widely known Microsoft.Net software!
  • An all-inclusive and advanced regulated database to take care of stock, substance data, and keep track of size through the life span of your commodity!
  • Compliant document creation for prevalent guidelines like GHS, CLP and REACH!
  • Ongoing attention on originality, economic value, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems is solving the EHS issues of chemical companies, dealers, and associates worldwide with their excellent MSDS Software.

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Having experience with a number of industry organizations and suppliers year after year, Lisam Systems continues to be efficient at building proprietary, sector-centered MSDS Software.

Lisam Systems works hard to assist several unique sectors. Our MSDS Software could be utilized in many different chemical commodities and chemical merchandise-associated sectors.

800+ companies in numerous markets rely on Lisam Systems' unique software application ExESS® to create, deal with, and disperse conformant safety data sheets and labeling. Our products are created with most large business niches kept in mind and are found in 50 vocabularies!

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