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A producer of MSDS, EHS and SDS conformance solutions worldwide, Lisam Systems is widely known for being a reliable dealer of MSDS from the time it started in 1999. Since that time, Lisam Systems has assisted several firms with MSDS because of innovative components such as:

  • Easy-to-use, adaptable design using the widely known Microsoft.Net framework!
  • A thorough and current administrative DB to control stock, component information, and keep track of quantity throughout the life of your goods!
  • Compliant document creation for common regulations such as CLP, GHS and REACH!
  • Continuous attention on innovation, economic value, and expediency!

Lisam Systems is handling the EHS issues of chemical companies, vendors, and marketers around the world with their excellent MSDS.

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Having experience with numerous enterprise groups and distributors over the years, Lisam Systems is skilled at making exclusive, sector-centered MSDS.

Lisam Systems works industriously to serve countless specific markets. Our MSDS is able to be employed in numerous chemical merchandise and chemical commodity-involved sectors.

More than 800 companies in various sectors depend on Lisam Systems' exclusive data application ExESS® to develop, handle, and disperse conformant safety data sheets and tags. Our products have been formulated with almost every leading business areas considered and are found in 50 languages!

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