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At Lisam Systems, we recognize exactly how tricky but significant it might be to deal with global chemical compliance, establishing the need for Safety Data Sheet Services, especially in the existing times in which regulations are constantly changing.

After OSHA adopted the GHS system in March 2012, important adjustments were made to just how labeling would be created and served via Safety Data Sheet Services. This is the reason why Lisam Systems presents you with multinational, highly flexible, customer-friendly, and GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet Services, in addition to record production.

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Lisam Systems's product for Safety Data Sheet Services is ExESS®, a software program which totally includes all necessary administrative terms and allocation material.

Our Safety Data Sheet Services helps to make it uncomplicated to describe the chemical contents and potential repercussions of using your product in such a way that would suitably comply with the latest rules. Supplemental qualities are:

  • Multi-language record production in addition to operator displays!
  • The application of Microsoft.NET framework which is recognized as having adaptability and scalability!
  • Effective computer-aided design, handing, and dissemination of SDS!
  • Exact reporting and checking of substance size!
  • Safety Cards incorporating instructions for modern offices!
  • Conformant labeling formulation!

Just as you can notice, Lisam Systems is best at delivering the required programs, paperwork management, and instruction including Safety Data Sheet Services to organizations that are required to satisfy regional and nationwide administrative conditions such as GHS, REACH, and CLP. Avoid getting caught unaware - have Lisam Systems equip your business with the Safety Data Sheet Services you need to have to become compliant!

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