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With Lisam Systems, we realize how tough but vital it can be to manage multinational chemical uniformity, which requires the necessity to have Safety Data Sheet Services, especially in the existing cases when rules are continually evolving.

The moment OSHA adopted the GHS structure in March of 2012, critical adjustments were made to just how labeling would be created and delivered with Safety Data Sheet Services. That is why Lisam Systems provides you with global, very adjustable, user-friendly, and compliant with GHS Safety Data Sheet Services, combined with certificate creation.

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Lisam Systems's solution for Safety Data Sheet Services is ExESS®, a computer package that entirely includes all necessary regulatory phrases and distribution material.

Our Safety Data Sheet Services helps to make it effortless to explain the chemical components and possible impact of employing your commodity in a manner that would accurately conform to present rules. Other functions are:

  • Multi-language paperwork generation and operator displays!
  • The application of Microsoft.NET framework that is best-known for versatility and expansion!
  • Proficient computer-aided design, handing, and syndication of SDS!
  • Precise coverage and recording of substance mass!
  • Safety Cards including guidelines for current places of work!
  • Conforming labeling generation!

Just as you can perceive, Lisam Systems is proficient at offering the necessary resources, record management, and support such as Safety Data Sheet Services to companies which are obligated to fulfill local and nationwide administrative conditions like CLP, REACH, and GHS. Avoid being blind-sided - have Lisam Systems supply your organization with the Safety Data Sheet Services you need to have to get compliant!

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