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At Lisam Systems, we understand just how challenging yet crucial it might be to take care of multinational chemical conformity, establishing the need for Safety Data Sheet Services, specifically in the prevailing cases as rules have been constantly evolving.

When OSHA incorporated the GHS platform in March of 2012, critical alterations happened to the way that categorizing should be developed and distributed through Safety Data Sheet Services. That is the reason why Lisam Systems equips you with international, very adjustable, customer-considerate, and compliant with GHS Safety Data Sheet Services, in addition to certificate generation.

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Lisam Systems's remedy for Safety Data Sheet Services is ExESS®, a computer program that entirely integrates all necessary administrative content and dispensation content.

Our Safety Data Sheet Services makes it easy to clarify the chemical elements and possible effect of employing your commodity in a manner that would accurately follow the latest controls. Other attributes are:

  • Multi-language record production and also operator displays!
  • The use of Microsoft.NET software that is well-known for adaptability and growth potential!
  • Efficient software design, handing, and delivery of SDS!
  • Exact reporting and monitoring of substance mass!
  • Safety Cards incorporating guidelines for contemporary places of work!
  • Conformant labeling construction!

Just as you can observe, Lisam Systems is proficient at delivering the required programs, document managing, and instruction like Safety Data Sheet Services to firms that are obligated to satisfy regional and federal regulatory specifications like CLP, GHS, and REACH. Do not be caught unaware - have Lisam Systems equip your company with the Safety Data Sheet Services you need to have to be compliant!

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