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At Lisam Systems, we know just how challenging yet essential it is to cope with worldwide chemical conformity, which requires the to have Safety Data Sheet Software, particularly in the current days in which regulations have been continually advancing.

The moment OSHA accepted the GHS platform in March 2012, crucial changes were made to how labeling would be developed and rendered via Safety Data Sheet Software. This is the reason why Lisam Systems equips you with global, highly adjustable, purchaser-focused, and GHS-conforming Safety Data Sheet Software, coupled with document creation.

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Lisam Systems's strategy for Safety Data Sheet Software is ExESS®, a computer package that completely integrates all essential administrative terminology and allocation material.

Our Safety Data Sheet Software makes it effortless to describe the chemical ingredients and probable repercussions of using your commodity in a way that would effectively follow existing rules. Supplemental features include:

  • Multilingual paperwork formulation and also user panels!
  • The employment of Microsoft.NET platform that is recognized for having adjustability and scalability!
  • Productive computer-aided design, handing, and dissemination of SDS!
  • Exact reporting and tracking of substance amount!
  • Safety Cards incorporating guidelines for modern work places!
  • Conformant labeling creation!

As you can perceive, Lisam Systems is excellent at providing the vital tools, document handling, and guidance such as Safety Data Sheet Software to companies that are compelled to fulfill state and nationwide statutory requirements including REACH, GHS, and CLP. Don't be blind-sided - have Lisam Systems supply your company with the Safety Data Sheet Software you must have to get within guidelines!

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