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With Lisam Systems, we are aware exactly how challenging but significant it can be to take care of multinational chemical conformity, establishing the necessity to have Safety Data Sheet Software, particularly in the current times as laws are continually evolving.

The moment OSHA incorporated the GHS framework in March 2012, critical modifications happened to how creating labels would be formulated and delivered via Safety Data Sheet Software. This is the reason why Lisam Systems equips you with worldwide, highly adaptable, consumer-considerate, and GHS-conforming Safety Data Sheet Software, along with document production.

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Lisam Systems's product for Safety Data Sheet Software is ExESS®, a computer package that fully incorporates all essential regulatory terminology and dispensation content.

Our Safety Data Sheet Software helps to make it effortless to explain the chemical components and probable consequence of making use of your product in a way that would effectively conform to existing regulations. Other attributes include:

  • Multiple language paperwork production and also customer screens!
  • The employment of Microsoft.NET framework which is best-known for adjustability and the ability to expand!
  • Proficient computer-aided design, managing, and dissemination of SDS!
  • Correct coverage and recording of material mass!
  • Safety Cards including directions for modern workplaces!
  • Compliant label creation!

As you can observe, Lisam Systems excels at furnishing the vital tools, record handling, and assistance such as Safety Data Sheet Software to corporations that are compelled to meet regional and national regulatory prerequisites like REACH, GHS, and CLP. Don't be blind-sided - have Lisam Systems equip your firm with the Safety Data Sheet Software you need to have for being compliant!

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