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With Lisam Systems, we understand just how tough yet vital it might be to deal with international chemical conformity, which requires the for Safety Data Sheets, particularly in the prevailing times as polices are continually evolving.

As soon as OSHA adopted the GHS model in March of 2012, critical adjustments happened to the way that identification would be formulated and served through Safety Data Sheets. That is just why Lisam Systems equips you with all-inclusive, highly flexible, user-focused, and GHS conformant Safety Data Sheets, in addition to document generation.

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Lisam Systems's strategy for Safety Data Sheets is ExESS®, a software package which fully incorporates all vital regulated content and dispensation material.

Our Safety Data Sheets helps to make it simple to describe the chemical components and possible impact of employing your product in such a way that will properly comply with existing regulations. Supplemental benefits are:

  • Multilingual record formulation in addition to customer displays!
  • The employment of Microsoft.NET platform that is best-known as having adjustability and scalability!
  • Efficient software design, administration, and dispersal of SDS!
  • Correct reports and monitoring of substance size!
  • Safety Cards incorporating recommendations for current places of work!
  • Conforming labeling creation!

As you can perceive, Lisam Systems excels at offering the important tools, document managing, and instruction like Safety Data Sheets to corporations which are compelled to satisfy local and nationwide administrative conditions similar to GHS, CLP and REACH. Don't be unexpectedly surprised - have Lisam Systems furnish your business with the Safety Data Sheets you must have to become compliant!

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