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With Lisam Systems, we realize how complicated yet critical it is to deal with global chemical compliance, creating the need to have SDS Authoring Software, specifically in the prevailing times in which regulations are constantly evolving.

The moment OSHA adopted the GHS framework in March 2012, significant changes were made to the way that labeling would be created and delivered via SDS Authoring Software. This is the reason why Lisam Systems equips you with international, highly adaptable, consumer-considerate, and compliant with GHS SDS Authoring Software, combined with document production.

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Lisam Systems's remedy for SDS Authoring Software is ExESS®, a computer package that fully integrates all necessary statutory terminology and distribution material.

Our SDS Authoring Software helps to make it easy to describe the chemical components and probable impact of using your product in a manner that will effectively satisfy current regulations. Other features include:

  • Multi-language paperwork generation and user displays!
  • The application of Microsoft.NET platform that is recognized for having adjustability and scalability!
  • Efficient software design, managing, and dissemination of SDS!
  • Accurate documentation and surveillance of material amount!
  • Safety Cards consisting of directions for present-day places of work!
  • Conformant labeling formulation!

As you can see, Lisam Systems is proficient at providing the vital tools, document management, and guidance like SDS Authoring Software to businesses which are compelled to satisfy regional and national administrative conditions similar to GHS, REACH, and CLP. Do not be caught unaware - let Lisam Systems provide your organization with the SDS Authoring Software you require to be within guidelines!

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