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At Lisam Systems, we are aware just how tough yet significant it is to handle global chemical uniformity, requiring the urgency to have SDS Authoring Software, specially in the current cases as rules have been continually changing.

When OSHA accepted the GHS system in March of 2012, critical modifications happened to the way that labeling should be formulated and presented through SDS Authoring Software. That is just why Lisam Systems furnishes you with multinational, remarkably adjustable, consumer-considerate, and GHS conformant SDS Authoring Software, combined with certificate generation.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's strategy for SDS Authoring Software is ExESS®, a computer program that fully includes all crucial statutory terminology and release material.

Our SDS Authoring Software will make it uncomplicated to clarify the chemical components and likely repercussions of employing your product in a way that will effectively uphold present rules. Additional benefits are:

  • Multilingual document production in addition to customer panels!
  • The use of Microsoft.NET framework that is known for flexibility and scalability!
  • Effective computer-aided design, management, and dissemination of SDS!
  • Exact reporting and tracking of substance size!
  • Safety Cards consisting of recommendations for current work places!
  • Compliant label creation!

As you can see, Lisam Systems is excellent at furnishing the required programs, paperwork administration, and assistance like SDS Authoring Software to businesses that are compelled to meet state and federal regulatory standards similar to REACH, GHS, and CLP. Avoid getting unexpectedly surprised - have Lisam Systems supply your firm with the SDS Authoring Software you require to be compliant!

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