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At Lisam Systems, we are aware how challenging yet critical it might be to take care of worldwide chemical uniformity, establishing the urgency to have SDS Authoring Software, specifically in the existing times when polices have been continually evolving.

As OSHA adopted the GHS system in March 2012, significant changes occurred to the way that categorizing should be made and rendered through SDS Authoring Software. This is why Lisam Systems provides you with international, highly manageable, user-friendly, and GHS-conforming SDS Authoring Software, in addition to document production.

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Lisam Systems's solution for SDS Authoring Software is ExESS®, a software package which totally includes all essential administrative content and allocation content.

Our SDS Authoring Software can make it uncomplicated to clarify the chemical elements and probable impact of utilizing your product in ways that will effectively conform to existing regulatory guidelines. Additional attributes are:

  • Multi-language paperwork generation in addition to operator panels!
  • The usage of Microsoft.NET software which is well-known for flexibility and growth potential!
  • Productive software design, managing, and distribution of SDS!
  • Exact documentation and surveillance of substance volume!
  • Safety Cards consisting of directions for contemporary work areas!
  • Compliant labeling construction!

As you can see, Lisam Systems excels at providing the essential programs, paperwork managing, and instruction like SDS Authoring Software to firms which are compelled to meet state and national regulatory standards similar to CLP, REACH, and GHS. Do not be caught unaware - let Lisam Systems supply your corporation with the SDS Authoring Software you require to become within guidelines!

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