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With Lisam Systems, we understand just how challenging but important it might be to cope with multinational chemical compliance, establishing the need for SDS Authoring, specifically in the prevailing times in which regulations have been continually advancing.

The moment OSHA embraced the GHS framework in March of 2012, essential alterations occurred to the way that identification would be formulated and served via SDS Authoring. This is the reason why Lisam Systems presents you with worldwide, extremely adjustable, customer-considerate, and compliant with GHS SDS Authoring, combined with record production.

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Lisam Systems's strategy for SDS Authoring is ExESS®, a computer package which completely complies with all important regulatory terms and dispensation content.

Our SDS Authoring can make it easy to describe the chemical ingredients and probable effect of using your commodity in such a way that will suitably satisfy the latest regulations. Additional attributes include:

  • Multi-language document creation in addition to operator panels!
  • The usage of Microsoft.NET technology which is best-known as having adaptability and growth potential!
  • Effective computer-aided design, managing, and dispersal of SDS!
  • Precise documentation and tracking of material size!
  • Safety Cards incorporating instructions for modern offices!
  • Conformant labeling generation!

Just as you can notice, Lisam Systems is best at providing the necessary resources, document handling, and support including SDS Authoring to corporations which need to meet local and federal regulatory conditions similar to CLP, REACH, and GHS. Do not be caught unaware - let Lisam Systems supply your business with the SDS Authoring you need to have to get within guidelines!

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