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With Lisam Systems, we know how tough but important it is to handle all-inclusive chemical uniformity, creating the urgency for SDS Online, specifically in the present times as polices have been constantly changing.

When OSHA accepted the GHS model in March 2012, crucial changes happened to the way that identification should be developed and served through SDS Online. This is why Lisam Systems furnishes you with global, remarkably adaptable, consumer-focused, and GHS conformant SDS Online, along with document generation.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's product for SDS Online is ExESS®, a software application that fully complies with all vital administrative terms and release material.

Our SDS Online makes it simple to describe the chemical ingredients and potential repercussions of using your product in ways that would effectively conform to current controls. Additional features are:

  • Multiple language paperwork creation in addition to customer screens!
  • The usage of Microsoft.NET framework which is known as having adjustability and the ability to expand!
  • Effective authoring, handing, and delivery of SDS!
  • Correct documentation and monitoring of substance mass!
  • Safety Cards consisting of guidelines for present-day work areas!
  • Conformant label construction!

As you can notice, Lisam Systems is excellent at delivering the vital resources, record administration, and assistance such as SDS Online to firms which are required to satisfy state and nationwide regulated prerequisites including REACH, CLP and GHS. Avoid being blind-sided - let Lisam Systems supply your firm with the SDS Online you need to have to be within guidelines!

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