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At Lisam Systems, we realize exactly how tricky but critical it might be to handle all-inclusive chemical uniformity, establishing the urgency for SDS Safety Data Sheet, specifically in the present days in which rules have been continually changing.

As soon as OSHA incorporated the GHS framework in March of 2012, crucial adjustments occurred to just how creating labels would be created and presented via SDS Safety Data Sheet. This is why Lisam Systems furnishes you with all-inclusive, highly adjustable, purchaser-considerate, and GHS compliant SDS Safety Data Sheet, coupled with certificate generation.

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Lisam Systems's product for SDS Safety Data Sheet is ExESS®, a computer application which entirely includes all necessary regulated terms and release material.

Our SDS Safety Data Sheet helps to make it easy to explain the chemical contents and probable effect of utilizing your commodity in such a way that would properly satisfy current regulatory guidelines. Other functions include:

  • Multilingual document generation as well as user displays!
  • The usage of Microsoft.NET technology that is well-known as having versatility and expansion!
  • Productive computer-aided design, administration, and delivery of SDS!
  • Exact coverage and recording of material amount!
  • Safety Cards incorporating guidance for modern workplaces!
  • Compliant labeling construction!

Just as you can notice, Lisam Systems is proficient at offering the vital resources, document managing, and instruction like SDS Safety Data Sheet to firms that are compelled to fulfill regional and national administrative standards including GHS, REACH, and CLP. Don't be blind-sided - have Lisam Systems equip your organization with the SDS Safety Data Sheet you require to get within guidelines!

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