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With Lisam Systems, we know how tricky but significant it is to manage multinational chemical compliance, demanding the need for SDS Services, specially in the existing days in which regulations are constantly changing.

As soon as OSHA incorporated the GHS platform in March 2012, essential changes occurred to how identification should be made and distributed with SDS Services. This is why Lisam Systems equips you with all-inclusive, highly adaptable, user-focused, and GHS compliant SDS Services, in addition to certificate creation.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's remedy for SDS Services is ExESS®, a software package which completely complies with all vital regulated terms and dispensation content.

Our SDS Services helps to make it uncomplicated to describe the chemical composition and possible repercussions of utilizing your commodity in a manner that would effectively satisfy existing controls. Supplemental qualities include:

  • Multilingual paperwork creation along with operator panels!
  • The use of Microsoft.NET framework which is well-known for adaptability and scalability!
  • Proficient software design, management, and distribution of SDS!
  • Accurate reporting and supervision of substance mass!
  • Safety Cards consisting of recommendations for current places of work!
  • Conforming labeling creation!

As you can observe, Lisam Systems is excellent at furnishing the essential resources, paperwork management, and support including SDS Services to firms that are compelled to meet local and national statutory prerequisites similar to GHS, REACH, and CLP. Do not be blind-sided - let Lisam Systems equip your organization with the SDS Services you need to have to become within guidelines!

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