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At Lisam Systems, we are aware just how complicated yet vital it is to cope with international chemical uniformity, requiring the to have SDS Software, especially in the existing cases when statutes are continuously evolving.

As soon as OSHA accepted the GHS structure in March of 2012, essential adjustments happened to the way that identification would be created and distributed through SDS Software. This is the reason why Lisam Systems provides you with worldwide, extremely versatile, purchaser-focused, and GHS-conforming SDS Software, in addition to record generation.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's formula for SDS Software is ExESS®, a software package that entirely includes all crucial regulated phrases and release content.

Our SDS Software helps to make it simple to explain the chemical elements and likely effect of employing your commodity in a way that will correctly uphold the latest rules. Supplemental attributes include:

  • Multi-language document creation and user displays!
  • The employment of Microsoft.NET platform that is well-known for having adaptability and scalability!
  • Proficient software design, management, and delivery of SDS!
  • Precise reporting and tracking of material size!
  • Safety Cards including guidance for current offices!
  • Conforming label construction!

Just as you can perceive, Lisam Systems excels at providing the vital tools, record managing, and assistance including SDS Software to corporations that are compelled to satisfy state and national regulatory conditions including CLP, REACH, and GHS. Avoid getting caught unaware - have Lisam Systems provide your business with the SDS Software you need to become within guidelines!

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