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With Lisam Systems, we are aware just how difficult yet vital it can be to manage multinational chemical conformity, creating the for SDS, especially in the current days in which laws are constantly evolving.

When OSHA embraced the GHS system in March of 2012, vital alterations occurred to just how creating labels should be formulated and served through SDS. That is the reason why Lisam Systems presents you with international, extremely flexible, user-considerate, and GHS-conforming SDS, in addition to certificate creation.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's solution for SDS is ExESS®, a computer program that fully complies with all necessary regulatory phrases and allocation material.

Our SDS will make it uncomplicated to describe the chemical ingredients and likely impact of utilizing your commodity in such a way that will accurately satisfy current controls. Additional features include:

  • Multilingual record creation and also customer screens!
  • The employment of Microsoft.NET software that is recognized for adaptability and expansion!
  • Productive authoring, administration, and syndication of SDS!
  • Correct documentation and tracking of substance amount!
  • Safety Cards incorporating directions for present-day work places!
  • Compliant labeling generation!

Just as you can observe, Lisam Systems is proficient at delivering the required programs, paperwork administration, and guidance like SDS to organizations which need to fulfill regional and national statutory requirements including CLP, GHS, and REACH. Don't be caught unaware - let Lisam Systems supply your company with the SDS you need to have to get compliant!

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