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With Lisam Systems, we realize just how tough yet vital it is to handle global chemical compliance, demanding the to have SDS, specifically in the prevailing days in which rules are continually changing.

After OSHA embraced the GHS system in March of 2012, crucial modifications occurred to just how categorizing should be formulated and rendered via SDS. This is the reason why Lisam Systems provides you with worldwide, extremely flexible, customer-friendly, and compliant with GHS SDS, coupled with certificate production.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's formula for SDS is ExESS®, a software package which entirely includes all crucial regulatory content and distribution content.

Our SDS helps to make it effortless to clarify the chemical elements and likely consequence of utilizing your product in ways that would effectively conform to current rules. Additional benefits include:

  • Multiple language record creation and also customer screens!
  • The use of Microsoft.NET software which is recognized for having versatility and scalability!
  • Proficient software design, administration, and delivery of SDS!
  • Correct reports and recording of material amount!
  • Safety Cards incorporating guidance for contemporary places of work!
  • Conforming labeling formulation!

As you can notice, Lisam Systems excels at delivering the vital resources, record managing, and instruction such as SDS to corporations that are obligated to fulfill state and nationwide statutory specifications similar to GHS, REACH, and CLP. Avoid getting blind-sided - have Lisam Systems furnish your corporation with the SDS you require for being compliant!

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