EHS Compliance

Compliance with EHS programs is essential, both for your workplace and for what your company produces. EHS compliance is a critical requirement for getting your products from development to market without risking any consumer safety issues. By using proactive EHS solutions to address safety before products reach consumers, your company will gain benefits that could help grow your business in a variety of ways.

Faster Development and Time to Market

The race to get a product to the public can put pressure on your company to get through the development stage as quickly as possible. When this effort results in a product that is not safety compliant, your company risks losing profits as well as its reputation with customers.

In your effort to work quickly yet still reduce risks, you must recognize EHS compliance as a critical part of any development plan. In doing so, your company can make the best product as quickly as possible without the risk of safety issues. Even one missed safety concern could put that product back to the development stage again when forced to deal with missed compliance with EHS programs.  

Reduced Production Costs

When EHS solutions are initially included in product development, it can reduce expenditures for increased production costs. While making the most cost-effective product is everyone’s goal, meeting deadlines while risking safety compliance can work against such efforts. Poor customer satisfaction, illness and injury, environmental issues, fines for lack of EHS compliance, and the cost of re-development can turn what seemed like a low-cost process into exactly the opposite.

Product development processes that first address safety compliance may cost a little more up front; however, avoiding other riskier and more costly situations referenced above will produce greater benefits in the end.

Brand Reputation Through Customer Value

When your company takes the time to develop a safe product in accordance with current EHS programs, you gain something more valuable than money. Your company gains positive reputation from satisfied customers who find value in your product.

As these customers spread the word about your product and your company, higher profits will follow. This is especially significant in today’s world of social media, where customers readily offer their opinion about products, especially if they are dissatisfied. Incorporating the right EHS solutions into your product development helps to ensure that what you deliver to the market is useful, safe, and just what your customers want. In return, those customers will tell others about your product.

It is essential to understand why proactive EHS compliance should never be considered an added and unnecessary expense. It should instead be recognized as a critical part of development that will help your company produce the best product. When you address safety by incorporating EHS solutions into your development, what may seem like extra time and effort in the beginning actually becomes time and effort saved later on.

Most importantly, adhering to EHS programs from the planning stage allows your company to develop a positive public reputation. This is instrumental in building the consumer trust and loyalty that results in higher sales!

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