EHS Compliance

With EHS compliance becoming more challenging every day, many companies are turning to EHS software to help manage their safety information. There are currently numerous EHS solutions available; however, determining which one to use requires some work ahead of time.

Before investing in a compliance program, companies must first determine how they will use the program by developing a compliance strategy. Once an effective strategy has been developed, a suitable software package can be integrated.

Determine Compliance Requirements and Challenges

To choose the most effective EHS software, a company needs to identify a few important system factors and requirements. They must identify all their compliance obligations and how each must be fulfilled. They must also identify the parties they will be working with to create and maintain compliance and what will be expected of the selected company.

A list of business and voluntary obligations should be maintained as new situations arise to help develop the best way to meet all challenges. This information will be the basis to generate an effective plan that can be mated with the suitable EHS solutions.

Consider Compliance Goals and Monitoring

After identifying specific obligations and challenges, a business must decide how to both meet and monitor them. During this step, it is essential to identify what information needs to be collected and monitored to comply with environmental obligations and how this should be done.

Methods for analyzing collected data should also be determined, along with ways to identify trends that can be used to further develop and improve EHS compliance. This step should also address training programs and how to ensure employee compliance with the company’s environmental safety efforts.

Choose the Most Suitable Software

With all of the requirements laid out ahead of time, a business can then search for EHS software to most appropriately meet their needs. Systems should be evaluated to ensure they provide adequate solutions for the variety and complexity of a company’s various obligations as well as how the software must be used to maintain compliance.

Consider which features will be the most useful overall and which special features can help achieve the identified compliance goals. Although most systems offer many of the same basic features, not all will offer some of the more specialized ones, such as certain tracking and reporting features, auditing, and even training guides.

It is critical that a company seeking software EHS solutions first understand their compliance obligations and challenges, then determine what they must do achieve those goals. For EHS software to be useful, it must provide the function a business needs for their specific EHS compliance requirements.

The right software will allow a business to identify compliance issues, develop a functional system to create and maintain compliance, and provide essential monitoring that can be used to improve the overall effectiveness of the compliance strategy!

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