A key element in GHS and EHS compliance is proper data collection and management. Without quality and useable data, any efforts made to compile and preserve data to be compliant are wasted. When choosing SDS services, it is essential that the solution you choose can analyze your company’s data for the qualities referenced below to ensure that data is complete, compliant, and useable.

Complete and Consistent

A primary concern when choosing GHS solutions for your company is finding one that screens for data completeness and consistency. Missing information can be critical to a variety of business processes and could leave your company dealing with data that is unusable.

Similarly, inconsistent use of different values can create reporting conflicts that make EHS compliance more challenging. Your data management solution must be able to detect incompleteness and inconsistencies so these issues can be corrected, ensuring that all managed data is useful just as it needs to be.

High Accuracy

Something as simple as the improper spelling of a name or product or an incorrectly written address can dramatically reduce the usefulness and efficiency of most data. To preserve the highest quality data, your management solution must be able to locate these inaccuracies and correct them. You should also have methods in place to search for outdated information and replace it with more recent and updated data to maintain a high quality level.

Conforms to Standards

Besides high accuracy, completeness, and consistency, your data must also conform to specific standards depending on how it is used. Conformity is essential for accurate data reporting and representation, production of presentations, and searching through data to establish relationships. It is essential to work with SDS services that can maintain this critical conformity within your data so it can be effectively used .

Data Integrity

High-quality data that maintains EHS compliance must be unique and valuable, without unnecessary duplication. When duplications or errors appear in your company’s data, it is impossible to actually use the information for accurate reporting, as critical relationships will be missed. Duplications pose serious risks to all data when there is more than one representation of a single data item.

Your compliant GHS data management solution must be able to identify these discrepancies so they can be corrected, increasing the integrity of all data and reducing the problem of inaccuracy due to duplication.

The main and most pressing point to remember is that when collecting data for EHS compliance reasons, your compliance solutions must consider all of the points referenced above. To be of any use and GHS compliant, your data must be complete, consistent, and accurate as well as conform to company and industry reporting standards. Only the highest quality data can be relied upon to provide an accurate representation of your company and give you the tools necessary to make important compliance decisions.

If you work with SDS services who can provide the right data management solutions that consider these critical details, this will ensure that you retain the highest quality information!

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