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No matter what your company produces, the need to ensure you are practicing EHS compliance throughout your production process is growing daily. More safety regulations and greater public awareness means there is a greater need for EHS programs that monitor not only what goes out the doors of your company, but what comes in through them as well.

Failure to use the right EHS solutions, regardless of your supplier, could result in safety concerns that negatively affect your brand’s reputation.

Increasing Consumer Attention to Safety Compliance

As safety regulations continue to rise, consumers are paying attention more than before. The internet and growing use of social media have provided an important platform for consumers to voice their opinions and confront any concerns they may have about EHS compliance issues that may affect them. This is why your company’s brand could be affected if there is public exposure of any risks.

There is also a growing trend of consumer groups to increase public awareness about the use of chemicals that have been determined to present a hazard. Even though a problem may originate from another company, if your business sells products made with a controversial substance, your brand’s reputation could be severely damaged.  

Improving Regulatory Compliance to Protect Your Brand

The potential for damage to your brand based on a lack of regulatory compliance either by you or by your suppliers is significant since today’s customers can quickly share this type of news.

To stop this from happening and protect your company, it is essential to develop EHS programs that include monitoring any supplies that enter your production chain. Safety regulations for a complete product, not just an individual substance, are also growing as hazard awareness increases.

With greater public attention focused on toxic and hazardous chemicals, you must be aware of every chemical used in your products as well as any recent developments pertaining to their safe use. Attention to these regulatory management details improves your company’s ability to monitor potential hazards and make necessary decisions to reduce the risks presented to your consumers and your brand.

Implementing Supplier Risk Management

To reduce your brand’s risk of public exposure, you must adopt EHS solutions that identify hazardous substances in your supply chain to know that what you are selling is safety compliant. Many companies are publishing banned substance lists and requiring that their suppliers be compliant. Other businesses have developed supplier rating programs to keep questionable substances out of their supply chain and ensure they are selling safe products.

It is essential for your company to stay up-to-date on current news pertaining to toxic and hazardous chemicals as well as consumer reaction to this news. Besides the obvious issue of EHS compliance, you must proactively protect your brand by developing EHS programs to eliminate questionable substances from your production chain.

You must monitor your suppliers to prevent unintentionally putting customers at risk. These important EHS solutions can keep you compliant and reduce the possibility that your brand could be damaged as a result of supply chain hazards!

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