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Regardless of the way your corporation is making use of chemical by-products, approximately eight hundred clients turn to the EHS Compliance furnished by Lisam Systems to think about and handle their compliance challenges.

Whenever you might be in search of EHS Compliance to manage your EHS documents and secure thorough compliance with GHS specifications, Lisam Systems could achieve your goals.

Specialized Modules For Every Vertical!

Lisam Systems' copyrighted ExESS® application furnishes EHS Compliance to formulate and release GHS-compliant labeling and SDS in roughly fifty dialects. And you will discover these benefits:

  • Dependable Design - By using Microsoft.NET platform, ExESS® integrates with MS Office and provides amazingly adaptive and economical EHS Compliance!
  • Productive Chemical Supervision - Visualize having the option to take care of hazard communication, material data, quantity tracing, products, plus more from a single piece of software. Lisam Systems' unique, multi-purpose software enables you to gain access to and control regulated standards and chemical details with ease!
  • Not Only EHS Compliance - ExESS® is powered by our GHS electronic technology which employs conformity benchmarks for all the primary business groups. As a result, you could yield compliant documents for international regulations such as REACH, CLP and GHS\REACH, GHS, and CLP!

Apart from such incredible advantages, one can find more including dealing with workplace security information and integration with other content suppliers. Regardless of what your industry may be, Lisam Systems is equipped to give the EHS Compliance you must have!

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