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Regardless of the way your industry is using chemical products, over 800 clients believe in the GHS provided by Lisam Systems to think about and deal with any conformance issues.

When you are seeking GHS to manage your EHS documentation and ensure complete compliance with GHS specifications, Lisam Systems can achieve your goals.

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Lisam Systems' flagship ExESS® software provides GHS to develop and release GHS-conforming tags and SDS in around 50 dialects. And there's these benefits:

  • Tried and Tested Engineering - By making use of Microsoft.NET standards, ExESS® works with Microsoft Office and features amazingly adaptable and affordable GHS!
  • Efficient Chemical Administration - Think about having the ability to deal with risk communications, substance information, size tracking, products, plus more from a single software package. Lisam Systems' unique, multi-purpose software lets you view and deal with regulated compliance and chemical facts effortlessly!
  • Not Merely GHS - ExESS® is powered from our GHS automated software which adheres to compliance standards for all of the primary business fields. Consequently, you are able to produce conforming documentation for multi-national rules including GHS, CLP and REACH!

Apart from such extraordinary benefits, one can find more including dealing with office security information and assimilation with third party content providers. Whatever your trade may be, Lisam Systems is equipped to give the GHS you must have!

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