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A provider which furnishes EHS, MSDS, and SDS conformance systems all-inclusively, Lisam Systems is best-known as a responsible vendor of MSDS Service since it began in 1999. Since that time, Lisam Systems has supported numerous organizations with MSDS Service because of modern qualities like:

  • Understandable, adjustable design using the well-known Microsoft.Net software!
  • An all-inclusive and prevalent statutory data bank to take care of inventory, component information, and track size during the lifetime of your product!
  • Compliant document creation for common regulations including REACH, GHS, and CLP!
  • Consistent focus on originality, economic value, and promptness!

Lisam Systems has been solving the EHS issues of chemical companies, dealers, and marketers around the world making use of their excellent MSDS Service.

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Working with several business organizations and suppliers extensively, Lisam Systems continues to be skilled at building proprietary, industry-centered MSDS Service.

Lisam Systems works diligently to support countless unique fields. Our MSDS Service can be used in numerous chemical merchandise and chemical commodity-connected sectors.

Over 800 clients in various industries turn to Lisam Systems' unique software application ExESS® to create, handle, and disperse compliant safety data sheets and labels. Our systems have been created with almost every leading business sectors considered and are offered in 50 languages!

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