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A provider that delivers MSDS, EHS and SDS compliance systems worldwide, Lisam Systems is recognized as a responsible vendor of MSDS Software ever since it was founded in 1999. Since then, Lisam Systems has helped countless businesses with MSDS Software thanks to cutting-edge benefits such as:

  • Understandable, adaptable engineering built with the famous Microsoft.Net software!
  • A detailed and prevalent statutory architecture to take care of inventory, material information, and keep track of volume over the lifetime of your product!
  • Conforming document production for widespread guidelines including GHS, CLP and REACH!
  • Ongoing emphasis on innovation, economic value, and timeliness!

Lisam Systems is dealing with the EHS worries of chemical merchants, dealers, and associates around the world making use of their exceptional MSDS Software.

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Dealing with numerous industry organizations and vendors year after year, Lisam Systems is effective at developing exclusive, sector-directed MSDS Software.

Lisam Systems works industriously to assist many distinct fields. Our MSDS Software is able to be employed in diverse chemical products and chemical product-connected markets.

Over 800 customers in various industries count on Lisam Systems' proprietary software application ExESS® to create, control, and distribute conformant safety data sheets and tags. Our products are created with all major corporate areas kept in mind and are available in 50 languages!

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