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At Lisam Systems, we know how tricky but vital it might be to control worldwide chemical conformity, which requires the for Safety Data Sheets, particularly in the current cases as laws have been always advancing.

After OSHA incorporated the GHS structure in March 2012, important modifications were made to the way that labeling should be developed and delivered with Safety Data Sheets. This is why Lisam Systems furnishes you with worldwide, remarkably adaptable, user-focused, and GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets, coupled with document generation.

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Lisam Systems's strategy for Safety Data Sheets is ExESS®, a computer program which entirely integrates all vital regulatory terminology and allocation content.

Our Safety Data Sheets will make it uncomplicated to clarify the chemical elements and possible repercussions of using your commodity in a way that would effectively conform to present regulations. Other qualities are:

  • Multilingual document production as well as operator screens!
  • The usage of Microsoft.NET framework that is known for versatility and the ability to expand!
  • Proficient authoring, administration, and dissemination of SDS!
  • Accurate reports and recording of material mass!
  • Safety Cards incorporating guidance for current workplaces!
  • Conformant label generation!

Just as you can observe, Lisam Systems is best at offering the required tools, document management, and guidance such as Safety Data Sheets to corporations that are compelled to fulfill state and federal administrative specifications similar to REACH, CLP and GHS. Avoid being unexpectedly surprised - let Lisam Systems provide your corporation with the Safety Data Sheets you must have for being within guidelines!

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