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At Lisam Systems, we recognize how complicated yet significant it is to cope with worldwide chemical conformity, establishing the need to have SDS Services, particularly in the current days when rules are continually evolving.

As soon as OSHA adopted the GHS model in March 2012, vital changes occurred to the way that identification would be developed and distributed via SDS Services. That is the reason why Lisam Systems provides you with all-inclusive, highly adjustable, customer-focused, and compliant with GHS SDS Services, combined with document generation.

Lisam Systems Will Keep You On Top Of Compliance Updates!

Lisam Systems's system for SDS Services is ExESS®, a computer package that entirely integrates all vital regulatory content and distribution content.

Our SDS Services can make it uncomplicated to explain the chemical elements and likely consequence of making use of your product in ways that would effectively conform to current regulatory guidelines. Additional features are:

  • Multiple language record formulation and also customer screens!
  • The use of Microsoft.NET platform which is known for having flexibility and the ability to expand!
  • Efficient software design, managing, and dispersal of SDS!
  • Accurate reporting and recording of substance amount!
  • Safety Cards including recommendations for contemporary work areas!
  • Compliant label generation!

As you can observe, Lisam Systems is excellent at providing the required resources, document management, and assistance including SDS Services to companies that need to fulfill local and national administrative conditions like GHS, REACH, and CLP. Do not be blind-sided - have Lisam Systems provide your organization with the SDS Services you require for being within guidelines!

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