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As more companies implement EHS solutions that include technology such as EHS software, ensuring this technology remains proactive requires good planning and effective implementation. Getting the most from these EHS services and maintain EHS compliance means integrating this technology into your business in useful ways.

Avoid the 5 common pitfalls discussed below when introducing new EHS programs to your business so the technology works as a compliance partner rather than a liability.

1. Viewing EHS Technology As IT Only

When implementing new EHS services such as EHS software, it is important to understand this technology is more than just an IT project. IT is required to run the software; however, the best results come from using this software to its fullest and making required changes to the business process. This type of technology is only controlled and served by IT. It requires proper implementation so changes can be done more easily.

2. Not Focusing Broadly Enough

It is easy to be distracted by new EHS solutions and only focus on getting the solutions implemented and working on a small scale. More important is broadening this focus to meet the EHS compliance and management goals of the entire organization. With a clear understanding of the business strategy of the entire organization including business objectives, you can expect to have greater success with new EHS programs and technology.

3. Not Getting the Right Input

While it is essential to have an informed project leader when implementing new EHS solutions such as EHS software, it is equally important for the project leader to align with other important people in the group. Health and safety technology affects all parts of a company and must be implemented in a way that benefits everyone.

By working together with key individuals, from the executive team to all other levels of employees, you will gain the advantage of their knowledge and input when developing new processes.

4. Not Including The Entire Business Process

Along with working with the right people when developing business practices to implement new EHS programs, it is also essential to think about the entire business process from beginning to end. Learn how each part of this process works along with the goals of the process to find the best ways to efficiently deploy and use new EHS services and technology.

5. Not Properly Identifying Risks and Goals

The end goal when implementing any new technology, including EHS compliance software, is to be proactive in health and safety by developing new practices. The only way to do this is by first identifying current business risks, then determining the goals by implementing new compliance solutions. This must include the planning and management of the change process to ensure the new technology is able to deliver its full value.

EHS software and other technological EHS services can be invaluable tools in helping your company achieve its EHS compliance goals. Yet to accomplish this, it is essential to fully assess what is needed from EHS solutions and how to best achieve these results. EHS programs go far beyond the IT room or software alone. Avoid the pitfalls referenced above that can work against your efforts to effectively incorporate the health and safety solutions your company needs!

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